“Al Trovante” on the idyllic Lake Tenno 600 meters above sea level in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Italy
“Al Trovante” is situated right on the shore of the lake in 30.000 square metres of private property directly on the lake, and the only buildings are the guest house (6 apartments) and our own house.

The lake of Tenno, your swimming-pool
Also called “Lago Azzurro”, (the azure lake) because of its incredible turquoise colour, the lake is set like a precious stone in a wild-romantic Alpine landscape. Because of the quality and the temperature of its water (up to 24°C), it offers the extraordinary pleasure of swimming as early as May and sometimes still even in October.

Our biotope
In our land ownership, we offer a special corner in the biotope, in a quiet environment and dedicated for meditation.

The lake of Tenno, bau-bau Beach
The Lake of Tenno also offers a beach area, dedicated for your four-legged friends!

Friday 23 February 2024